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Our Quality Document

Wennbergs Finmek AB, Total Quality Control.

Wennbergs Finmek AB is a highly specialised, precision medical engineering company, with nearly 20 years experience. Its clients include well known hospitals and prosthesis manufacturers in Sweden and other European countries.

The nature of the business demands the best. This means that we seek total quality assurance from our suppliers, backed up by certification, and carry out 100% checks on every material, product or instrument. Every final product delivered by WF is checked by me, optically and mechanically, for acceptable tolerance and possible defects.

Quality checking techniques are continually monitored to maintain the highest possible standards and, to date, have resulted in a rejection count of zero. There is also a regular dialogue with product managers to refine the drawings and define the final design parameters and tolerances.

Manufacturing is done entirely by me, drawing together the controls and skills that have helped build our unique reputation.

I take the product from design, through manufacture, to delivery. No other parties are involved, so no records of a productís path through a conventional tooling, build, and completion environment are necessary or relevant.

Should you have any concerns about any aspect of our service, please contact me.

Best regards

Stig Wennberg
Wennbergs Finmek AB

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